Joris Korbee

Joris Korbee, a Dutch architect, graduated in 2015 at the Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands. In his graduation he transformed a large building in the middle of the city into a mixed use building with two ministries, restaurants, shops and retail spaces. An important aspect of this work was a sequence of spaces from a public square at the terminus of the City to the City Lobby, the Rijkslobby, the shared meeting spaces and finally the offices themselves. Each of these spaces was perceived as linked to all the others, reinforced by the careful approach to articulation of spaces and their materialisation. During his study size, proportions and the human scale were key elements in his work.

After his graduation he worked for half a year for the Dutch firm Paul de Ruiter Architects and he decided to go to Chile to get more experience in the architecture of South America. In march 2016 he started working at Edward Rojas Arquitectos, where he is working on several project and is responsible for the visualisation and photomontages for both the interior as the exterior spaces of those projects.

More information and projects of Joris can be found on his website